West Highland White Terriers (Westies) transformed

4 Aug









These two westies came in yesterday, black, matted, and in desperate need of a good clean up. Right before I left petsmart Rayne taught me the secret of poufy westie heads (as opposed to the rounded yet flat teddybear heads so many stylists, myself included, are inclined to do.)

The secret is to do it dirty. You heard me! Brush out the head, fluff it with your fingers, a comb, whatever, until it stands out away from the head like the dog’s been electrocuted. The scissor it round. Don’t be afraid to hack at it. You’ll thinning shear finish it when he’s clean.

For all you purists who never scissor a dirty dog, I’m with you on that. But only when the head is dirty can you shape it so it poufs when it’s clean!

They aren’t perfect heads, but they look better than a flat clean head gone over with a clipper comb!u


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