Maltese to Tiger! (part 1 of 2)

8 Aug

Let’s begin this post by admitting my regret at attempting something i knew i wasnt ready for. my dad saw this image:

and wanted me to attempt it on Bobo, my grandma’s maltese and frequent coloring victim. You’ve seen him have blue boots and as a Panda.

I objected to the tiger idea, saying I didn’t know how, would rather do a blacker panda than last time… but he seemed so excited that I decided i’d just try. My other creative grooms have gone so well, and it would be a good daddy-daughter project.

So I bathed him a thousand times to further fade the panda pattern (it was already a pale violet from being outside every day) and my dad and I mixed manic panic reds and yellows without rhyme or reason, resulting in an uneven saturation. The legs were a dirty brown color… my dad and I were very disappointed.

Then I grabbed my blow pens and a couple worn out lungs later, we’d evened out the color. Inspired, I went and bought an airbrush. That was genius, a perfect, even coat of orange all the way down to the roots.

Then I went crazy and shaved his black stripes. They needed to be slightly shorter than the orange… shaving them made him look like a deranged bumblebee.

I felt my entire being deflate. I ruined the cutest and best-behaved maltese in the world. My dad finally told me to stop, leave it alone, and finosh tomorrow… I was obsessing. So I packed it up and agreed to finish tomorrow.

Here is what Bo looked like at the end of Night One:


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