Grooming “Teacup” Pooches

16 Aug


You’d think grooming a “teacup” dog would take less time… they’re smaller, which means less mass, less hair, less time, right?

Wrong. It takes me about 30-45 mins to complete an average-size shih tzu or yorkie after they’ve been bathed and dried. Today I had a teensy little yorkie mix, about 2 or 3lbs, whose haircut took an HOUR. Not because she was bad, but because she was half the size of my tools, nervous, and (like many “teacup”-sized pups) had terrible hair. Super fine, prone to matting, and no way to clip it without the results looking like I used a cheese grater.

This is how she ended up, with a 4 lamb, still somewhat choppy.


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