Plushie Maltese to Bumble!

17 Aug




I designed my exotic animal Extreme Makeovers in Paint Shop Pro the other day, and then ordered a couple plushies from amazon to test on. Photo below! These are the exact same “breed model”, Aurora’s Maltese Puppy.

After airbrushing the base yellow and the black legs, I brushed him out and, to my dismay, realized the paint had hardened, looking unnatural and hard. So after brushing my homemade Airbrush Tattoo paint out, I used a couple blow pens to create a feather-light top coat, blending the patchy airbrushed areas easily.

My cheeks are sore from blowing (no jokes, please), my lungs hurt, but I can’t tell you how pleased I am with my hand scissoring. This was entirely handscissored with a cheapo Paw Brothers curved shear in about 35 mins.

Now that I have a 3d model, i can’t WAIT for halloween!


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