100% Edible “Spray Paint” is a hit!

24 Sep

My misadventures in airbrush attempts and how I solved em:

The amerimist colors turned out to contain sugar, which meant sticky-yuck. The night before my even I was wandering walmart dejectedly when I saw Walter’s (sp? Name is wrong I think) food color in aerosol cans. I purchased two of each ($3 per can) and tested it on my maltese. Perfection. Exactly what I needed all along.

I did “tattoos” on at least 75 dogs, and the blue even worked on a black peppered schnauzer (not true black, hope you know what I mean… he was sort of aged-scotty colored). The colors were pretty and sparkly.

The other day I discovered BETTER aerosol food color at Party City. Plastered with pics of Duff Goldman from food network’s Ace of Cakes, they offered many of Wal-whatsit’s colors, minus black (walt-whatsit’s black sucks) and plus a very glittery silver.

I purchased purple and silver and was knocked over by the vividness of the color. Whitmans or whatever is more pastel, while Duff’s scream “I’M PURPLE!!”. The colors still wash out at 1st bath, and you must apply in thin coats and allow the color to dry before applying more. The results are crisp, stunning, and highly colorful. They also seem to last quite long.

“Spray Paint” food color vs. Blow pens:
– apply a clearer stencil outline
– much faster (and therefore more accurate)
– quieter and less “blow power”. My Silky terrier is kind of a fractious less-than-smart jerk on the table. He bounced around and fought for the airbrush, but allowed me to spray the back of his front legs, his skirt, his back leg fringe, and his ear tips blue (he’s in a schnauzer pattern).
– a large step up from merely “non-toxic” kid markers… these are 100% edible and I’ve had zero accidental transfer issues around carpet or furniture.

One of the managers at the pet resort I work at does national Weight Pulling events with his american bullies and “shorty bull” and I will be stenciling full-body flames for their next competition. Pictures coming soon!


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