Miniature Poodle with Handscissored Japanese-style “bells”

9 Oct




I love this dog! He’s sooo good and has incredible hair. I did a 1cc on his body, blending well, and went over the tops of his legs with an Acc (laube metal combs, obviously) to get rid of the bulk of the length. Then I handscissored the rest, doing a slight flare to the bottom of his legs. I am trying to sloooowly and gradually get him into a short bell leg without his parents noticing the change. This is my first attempt and as I said, I’m very slowly and gradually trying to take him from regular legs into bells.

He looked beautiful! He’s a large miniature (I forget what they call that size overseas, the one between miniature and standard) and is my DREAM size for when I get a poodle of my own.


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