Putting a little creativity into your matted pet shavedowns!

20 Jan

Let’s face it: no one is impressed by a naked mole rat, but sometimes a dog is just so matted that you have no choice. Below is my pom/bichon mix, featured here before, and she arrived super matted. she has extremely fine, silky hair, but I think the real reason she matted is because when she was boarding the owners forgot to ask for me and the groomer who bathed her didnt blow her completely out, which is a MUST with ANY curly/wavy dog. after thorough brushing she still looked… crinkly.

but i digress. she was so matted that I had to use a 7 alo, but i left cute booties and added some color. she looked like a My Little Pony and the owners were thrilled!


One Response to “Putting a little creativity into your matted pet shavedowns!”

  1. jeanette.valdez@yahoo.com March 18, 2014 at 12:53 pm #

    could you please let me know what type of dye you used with the airbrush to dye it, because i have a bichon and want to dye her, but i dont know what to use on her. please let me know.

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