Goodbye Enchantment, Hello Jack & Rascal’s!

25 Jan

It is with a happy heart that I bid adieu to Enchantment Pet Resort & Spa, and embrace a new beginning at a happier salon. When I started at EPR&S last summer, I’d hoped it would be the last place I’d be an employee before opening FunkyPuppy: The Salon. It was certainly a learning experience, and my employment there served to give me a place to experiment with COLOR and gain a ton of skill… and with it, confidence in my own ability. The time came when I knew that Enchantment was no longer the place for me, and I began sniffing around for a smaller salon with an excellent reputation, lots of business, attention to customer service, and staff appreciation. I found it, after months of searching, in Jack & Rascal’s.

I will begin working there on January 31st. I planned to stay at EPR til this Saturday, but as no dogs were being scheduled with me for the rest of the week, I said my goodbyes and made today my last day. I am sending personalized Thank You cards to all of the request clients I was able to get the addresses for, and inviting all of them to join me at J&R. In the meantime, I am digging through my phones for photos I might have missed and any uploads from here to monday will be old photos. I will be sure to upload my first J&R client!

I will be spending my week til then stumbling clumsily through potty training with my 2 years-and-4-months-TODAY son, Talon. I can’t think of a better gift to myself than a week off with my T-bird before starting my Next Great Adventure!


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