Chow-Chow Extreme Makeover

26 Jan





This is from quite awhile ago, and I’m not sure if I ever posted it. Lemme tell you, when a dog like this walks in, my heart sinks. Here is a dog that is gonna take ALL day to groom. The before photos don’t even give justice to the size of this dog. He was a bit taller than knee-height, typical chow size, and as round as he was tall… and this was primarily undercoat.

I’d say that he had a foot of undercoat and fur growing around him, and I’m not exaggerating.

Thankfully, I wasn’t very busy that day and actually had the 6 hours it took to transform this poor old guy. He was very very patient for all of it, and I fell in love with him by the end… even though my arms felt ready to fall off from all the brushing!


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