The Art of Sulking

7 Apr


This adorable specimen of Grade A Grumpiness came in for a bath with her happy go lucky pity sister last week. She was agreeable enough for the bath and seemed to be an easy dog. Sam told me to keep her tethered in the grooming room instead of kennelling her, and she was perfectly calm…

Til i went to get her to finish brushing her out and grinding her nails. She leaped up, huge mouth open, and went for me! Rayne laughed and came over to attempt to make nice with her and received a Glare of Death and a warning growl for her efforts.

We decided to leave her alone til her mom could come and assist in getting her on the table. English bulldogs can’t be muzzled, and it’s wise to stress them needlessly, as they are highly prone to collapsed tracheas. The breed pays much for their exaggerated appearance with tracheas the size of drinking straws, skin allergies, fungus growth in their face wrinkles, and some even require a sort of face lift and rhinoplasty. Their lifespan is relatively short, about 5-8 years depending on their bloodlines.

Anyway, i couldn’t stop laughing at her expression. Have you ever felt like this?


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