Fixing the Mommy-do

18 Apr





As a groomer, i see many ways pet owners attempt to get out of paying for professional grooming. Some allow grooming to fall to the wayside and opt for a once-a-year shavedown, allowing their “outside dog” to mat up in the meantime. Others follow their groomer’s instruction and carefully brush out, bathe, dry, and brush out between grooming appointments. The very diligent (and sometimes, very frugal) run searches on Google and Youtube for instructional guides for the home groomer and only visit a pro a few times a year to reset patterns.

And then you have… the Mommy-Do. This is when mommy allows Fido to go too long between grooms and takes scissors or human clippers to an overgrown face or slightly tangled coat.

All of us smile when a survivor of a Mommy-do is placed before us, a mess of scissor-hacks and uneven areas. The forehead is usually hacked up (yet a fan between the eyes remains) and the cheeks may be a mess. The top of the head is probably uneven, and the body may have odd rectangular sections missing. The feet are often overgrown, and the sanitary areas (around the genitals) are often a matted, funky mess of yuck.

Enter this sweetheart. He’d been home groomed all his life and it showed. He was an angel on the table, however, and once he got used to the snip snip of shears, turned out adorable.

Hats off to home groomers! When they finally visit a pro, their dogs are used to the most unsure of amateur grabbing, and respond well to the confident, nonchalant handling of A Professional.

I used my rarely-touched 4f blade (i usually prefer the 2 or 4 metal cc) to even out the body and scissored the head to roundy-round perfection. His owners were overjoyed at the transformation, and i complimented her styling attempts without judgement. She promised to come again,and i hope she does.


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