Gorgeous Red Mini Poodle Lamb trim

6 May




Red poodles are relatively rare, and adults with a deep, rich red coat are rarer still. Even the deepest red puppy will likely fade out to apricot or even cream by age three. So this pair of red minis i groom are a real treat. Featured is Chili (the other is named Beans), who is the most conformationally-correct of the two. Both are very very good, but Beans is a little shorter in the legs. To make them match, i give Chili a rounder hip, while Beans gets a more angular one. I recently purchased the Kalstone book of poodle grooming and im experimenting with that square hip style.

I do a 5 body with scissored legs and i’ve been favoring a larger, round topknot that blends gracefully into the neck and shoulders. I think this looks so much nicer than a severe cliff jump at the back of the head (when the same blade is used on the neck as the body.

I was very happy with the final results!


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