When the Customer Wants an Unattractive Groom…

8 May




I take special pride in providing excellent customer service, and doing everything in my power to enhance the appearance of each dog that graces my table. I do a lot of “fixers”, which is what I call those pets who have received Unfortunate Haircuts by other groomers (or their owners!). I try to provide solutions for everyone, and yes, i sometimes get a little bossy and apply my personal preference rather than the owner’s, if it’s not a drastic change and im certain the owners will like it. I’ve never had a complaint.

But every once in awhile, you get that owner that knows exactly what they want, and doesn’t care if it looks bad. I always attempt to gently recommend something different if the style they’ve chosen is impossible for their dog (a show-style Continental cut on a poodle puppy with about 3 wisps of hair) or if i know it’ll look downright ugly. Sometimes people just wont be reasoned with, which means i am required to:
– Shave a wide ‘potty path’ on the bum, which is nicknamed Babboon Butt by stylists
– Shave poodle paws much higher than usual, like high waters
– Shave shih tzus in perfect condition with a 10 or 7 from nose to tail. Not a hair left.
– Do Lion Trims on pomeranians instead of a tight handscissor… i HATE lion trims!
– shave out JUST the mats on a severely matted dog, so the final result looks like mange-ridden swiss cheese. I usually refuse these and require all or nothing… i cant stand putting my name on those kind of haircuts!

Today’s sad-face case was an adorable 5 month old Chow mix, sweet as pie for bathing and drying, and with a super-plush, soft coat.

Dad wanted her shaved. I agreed reluctantly, if she behaved for it, and prayed she’d be too scared of the clippers. Nope. So i did a #2 clipper comb (i just couldn’t do a 5 or 7 on that coat) and painted her nails purple, added a bow, and tied a bandana around her neck.

She still looks cute, but i still think it’s a shame.


2 Responses to “When the Customer Wants an Unattractive Groom…”

  1. Quossum May 13, 2011 at 12:47 am #

    LOL. I feel ya’. Used to work at a grooming salon myself (many years ago, and I was just a bather), and the things folks would ask for…

    We had a gorgeous blue merle sheltie who came in regularly, and one time his owners insisted he get the dreaded lion cut. My boss said it was downright painful to shave away his beautiful blue coat, but…that’s what they wanted.

    You did a great job on this little cutie, in spite of everything.


  2. sue gardner February 24, 2013 at 7:36 pm #

    yes i think you made her look so cute!!

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