Attending a Poodle Specialty Show

13 May

I have a goal in mind with my career as a pet stylist to invest in the education to take my skill OUT of the “decent pet groomer” arena. I don’t want to just be a “good groomer” who can make a 7 all over shavedown look cute on a shih tzu just because I know how to do a nice round teddybear head. No, I want to become a certified Master at my trade, a REAL groomer who can take pretty dog with a few breed standard faults and make her look like she just stepped out of the ring.

I firmly believe that groomers should educate themselves much further than looking at the table of the groomer next to them. They need to look OUTSIDE of their salon, outside of their state, heck, outside of the country at what other professionals are doing. They should swallow their pride when they think that they have “mastered’ the art of every breed’s groom, and post photos of their work for groomers around the world to compliment and critique. It hurts like hell to have someone tell you that the work you were proud enough to photograph isn’t good enough, but that’s how you LEARN!

I attended a Poodle Specialty show today, and the grooming was breathtaking. Here are some photos.


One Response to “Attending a Poodle Specialty Show”

  1. Quossum May 21, 2011 at 1:01 pm #

    Love the shot of the white spoo crashed out on the table while being worked on, and the guy in the background reading his iPad–no doubt to the background music of dozens of blow driers!

    I read the post before this one, too–GOOD LUCK on getting that dream puppy!


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