Possible Standard Poodle Puppy…

15 May

After many months spent looking at breeders, searching for opinions on http://www.poodleforum.com, and saving…

the puppy in the posted video MIGHT be mine. My chosen breeder is Karen Greene at http://www.desertreefpoodles.com. She is in Utah, and is an AKC show breeder. She does all the recommended health testing (and then some), is deeply involved in the ‘fancy’, and is the kindest, most knowledgeable breeder I’ve spoken with.

As any discerning breeder should, she carefully interviewed me, discussed my needs, hopes, and requirements. I am a first-time poodle owner with competition grooming dreams. I also have a 2 year old son and specifically need a standard that will, with daily exercise, obedience training, and much socialization, be the sort of dog that can accompany me to work and be a living advertisement of my skill.

Her carefully bred litters are usually spoken for by a long waiting list of pre-approved potential buyers, but nothing is settled until 1) every puppy has undergone an individual Temperament Test (performed by a professional who has never met the litter before the day of the testing). and 2) the litter has been evaluated by another professional for Show Potential. The show potential puppy will not be sold to a prospective puppy buyer, he/she will be passed on to an experienced person who will then keep the puppy in perfect physical, mental, and emotional condition as he/she is trained for Greatness.

Show breeders reserve the right of first pick of the litter, as it should be. There were two lovely cream females born in this litter, and another female who appears to be black (an unexpected color to be produced by a blue female and white male!) . My prayer is that the Dark Pink (ribboned) female cream will NOT be chosen as the show potential. My breeder has already discerned that the other cream female will be best raised as a show or obedience potential, with lots of agility mixed in. not the sort of energy level for a first time standard owner.

So please, my friends and visitors who view my site… this thursday is the show evaluation. PLEASE cross your fingers, toes, hold your breath, and pray that the dark pink girl is NOT chosen for show. I have been looking for a standard for over a year, in rescues, shelters, breeder websites, etc… I feel that having one of my own will give me the edge and opportunity I am so hungry for… the blank chalkboard on which to discover the True Artistry of Professional Grooming… and, before that, a friend and furry sister for my son, as well as an intelligent pet to raise as my very own.

Fingers crossed and news thursday!!!


One Response to “Possible Standard Poodle Puppy…”

  1. Feralpudel May 25, 2011 at 10:14 pm #

    Hi Charity,

    Come visit us at http://www.thepoodlebreed.com. It’s a forum where a lot of us old PF folks have disappeared to, and I think you’ll fit right in.

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