Bonzai’s 1st Haircut

14 Jun

Here’s my little girl after a home bath and an all-natural fluff dry… meaning I towelled her off and took her outside in the sunshine, and backbrushed with my green Les Pooch brush, stretched with my cheap greyhound-knockoff comb, and use my awesome, non-smoker’s lung power to achieve Ultimate Home Grooming Fluffed Outness.

I am attempting to slowly tweak her into a Scandinavian Puppy Lion Trim, as seen here by one of my grooming idols:

The above dog, Paris, was in a ‘Desi’ prior to this, so there’s a slight funky line at her tuck up, and her topknot isn’t tied up, but this is truly a gorgeous cut.

So here is my puppy and my first attempt. I will be finishing the style tonight, armed with critiques from all over the web. I will also be doing her feet and nails then too.



One Response to “Bonzai’s 1st Haircut”

  1. hemp June 25, 2011 at 2:59 pm #

    When the various breeds were originally developed there was a greater emphasis on the ability to do a job such as herding guarding hunting drafting etc. than appearance. There are so many different breeds to choose from and if there is a secret to getting that perfect puppy it lies in doing your homework.

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