Vote For Your Favorite Extreme Makeover and Help a Creative Groomer Win $150 Oster Shears!

4 Jul

Jack & Rascal’s in Albuquerque, NM is holding a CREATIVE GROOMING competition among its groomers as a way to introduce the city to the Art of Creative Dog Grooming!

J&R is the FIRST and ONLY salon in ABQ to employ stylists with the Creative ability to explore not only Traditional, Lifestyle, and Breed Standard pet grooming… but also the eye-catching art of Color Accents and Extreme Makeovers! In addition to the new found popularity of Creative Grooming, J&R is proud to offer Unique and Personalized styles from overseas… Including Japanese-style Pet Grooming! If you’re in the area and are interesting in Color, Japanese-style Pet Grooming, or an Extreme Makeover for your pet (using nothing but the highest-quality, vegan-approved, and pet-safe dyes, of course!) please visit and set an appointment. PLEASE MENTION YOUR INTEREST IN COLOR OR NON-TRADITIONAL STYLES WHEN YOU CALL SO WE MAY SCHEDULE YOU WITH THE APPROPRIATE STYLIST ON A CALMER DAY. Color, Extreme Makeovers, Creative, and Japanese-style Grooming require more time, skill, and technique than Traditional grooming appointments and may not be available on Saturdays or other High Volume days. Please be aware that each individual Professional Pet Stylist has her own Unique Abilities, so when you schedule your appointment, be sure to specify EXACTLY what you’re looking for!!

Please ‘Like’ Jack & Rascal’s Facebook Page and ‘Like’ your Favorite Extreme Makeover before August 1st. The Groomer with the most votes wins a pair of  8″ Oster Pink Titanium Straights valued at over $100!


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