Re-inventing a Shih Tzu Lamb trim

8 Aug









It occured to me that this post may have come across as arrogant, petty, and mean-spirited. So the original lesson of the difference between a Town and Country and Lamb trim has been removed entirely.

In short, i was given the opportunity to work with a monthly client and i made several changes. The dog is a shih tzu, and the style is supposed to be a Lamb. My version of a Lamb trim follows the classic style as described by Shirley Kalstone, which is shorter body with longer legs blended well at the hip and shoulder. Another groomer may interpret the style differently.

i warned the client in advance that there would be several changes, but they would only serve to balance the style and add more flair, while removing unnecessary bulk. The owner gave her blessing, and work began.

A double shampoo and cream rinse by Isle of Dogs was the bath, followed by a thorough hand-dry with the nozzle off to help fluff the legs to the fullest. A 5f was used on the body as usual, then her back legs were scissored in half. I kept a slight fullness around the hip and a more ‘straightl-legged’ appearance, as the owner was used to that, but really trimmed her down. My goal was for the rear and front legs to be of equal fullness without appearing heavy or bulky.

This shih tzu has severely bowed front legs and her rear left knee pops out of socket every time she shifts her weight, making scissoring a bit more challenging, as she’s essentially standing on one hind foot.

I finished the look by lopping off the overhanging ‘sideburns’ and going for a sweet, rounded face instead. By my personal aesthetic preferences, she looks lovely, young, and flashy. She seemed to think so too as she pranced around when she was done.


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