An alternative face for Schnauzers with eyebrow cowlicks!

15 Aug


I love this schnauzer’s eyebrows! She has cowlicks on both that cause them to grow out sideways, and no amount of product or blowdrying will make them face forward. So mom has me thinning shear them quite short and leave just enough to have a shape to them.

She’s adorable!


2 Responses to “An alternative face for Schnauzers with eyebrow cowlicks!”

  1. Andrea February 12, 2012 at 4:25 pm #

    OMG, i have a HUGE problem with my min. schnauzer Luna. I try to brush her weekly to keep her from matting. She’s pretty well kept, but every brush cycle is a hassle. My hands end up all scratched up. She’ll throw constant fits and bite down hard. Ive tried the hard and nice way. Neither really help. Ive held down her jaw, thats ended up in a severe munch down. Shell snap frequently that I’ll sometimes hit her with the brush, yelled down a firm NO, and she’ll just freak out more. What else can I do? The groomers at petsmart keep charging me so many fees cus they need to hold her down with 3 people.

    • charitynicole February 13, 2012 at 4:45 pm #

      Try doing just a little bit of brushing at a time. chop up some chicken breast or hot dogs and NEVER give this treat any other time except when you’re brushing her. before breakfast, brush one leg and give her a small treat when you’re done. a few hours later, brush her skirt. give another little treat. Allow brushouts to take all day, if necessary, and never push her beyond what she can tolerate!

      Also, if she is getting that tangled between grooms and despises brushing that much, opt to have her shaved. Humanity before Vanity, you know! Also, are you tipping your groomer? I hope so! Remember, the grooming bill is part of responsible pet ownership, regardless of how much extra you’re charged for your pet’s behavior. Check out my Matted Pet and Tipping your Dog’s Groomer articles at the top of the page!

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