Spiderman: Now in 3d!

8 Sep





What a day. I’m beat. I somehow managed to pull off a Spiderman Extreme Makeover for my boss’ friends, who will be throwing their kid a themed birthday party on sunday.

I used a 5 on her body and a 7 on the red belt. I left a circle of fluff in the center of her back and shaped it round, then used it to make the body of the spider.

The blue dye was a disappointment as usual, so I airbrushed blue food color over her and dried her without rinsing (I’ve heard this is a ‘fool proof’ method that won’t transfer off the dog once dry).

Yeah, I had to rub the excess color with towels because it wouldn’t dry and was getting everywhere.

More pics to come when the owners send em.


One Response to “Spiderman: Now in 3d!”

  1. jeanette.valdez@yahoo.com March 18, 2014 at 12:46 pm #

    what type of dye do you use inside of the airbrush thing for dogs, i have a dog and want to start airbrushing her, but i don’t what type of dye to use….can you use top performance dye just for pets?

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