Yet another Japanese Face attempt…

17 Oct


I need some tips… what am I missing here? What makes this an American teddybear head and not a Japanese-style face? I brought in the sides of the face at the eye corners with thinning shears, more than you would with a Schnauzer, making an hourglass shape. I scissored his topknot and muzzle round, fluffing the topmost nose hair to form more of an exaggerated, cartoony mustache.

Ill post a link to the dog that inspired this style, a toy poodle in Malaysia whose owner posts on I didn’t have quite the same amount of hair that the Inspiration Dog did, as the previous groomer had a nasty habit of cage drying EVERYTHING and minimal scissoring. So my dog had been scissored curly for the last few years, meaning his face was all SORTS of different lengths when fluffed properly.

Link (or photo) to be posted tomorrow.


One Response to “Yet another Japanese Face attempt…”

  1. Brook October 17, 2011 at 4:00 pm #

    I’m having the same issue. It’s with the dip/line at the top of ears that gives that distinct round head and acute definition from head to eat.

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