Mommy Do: The Case of the Cairn

28 Oct



Today’s lesson: never critique a terrible haircut because you assume it was done by another groomer with similar “grooming style”. It may turn out to be a mommy do, and you may offend your client.

Yeah, that’s what I did. I took one look at this face and was certain it was the handiwork of an ex coworker who has taken her chin amputation to a nearby shop. So I set about explaining that the chin would need to be evened up today and allowed to grow thereafter, so the correct expression could be achieved, and the cheeks would need to be taken way down to allow for some roundness despite the absent chin. The man seemed put out by my recommendation, but allowed himself to be talked into a heavily handstripped/#2 breed cut, but ONLY if I could do it without the “hula skirt”

Poor pup was blowing her entire coat. I ws able to restore some color to her back and set a #2 length on the body with invisible lines. her face isn’t cairn but at least its not a Goomba!


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