The Fur Club For Dogs: Supplements and Coat Growth prologue

15 Dec





I haven’t mentioned it here, but in February I’m attending my FIRST ISCC Master Styling Symposium in Texas. Bonzai needs at least 2.5 inches of hair if I am going to be able to use her.

Karen, Bonzai’s breeder, heard my desperation and mailed me a Coat Growth Care Package. Enclosed were the AKC Registration paperwork and two cans from Nature’s Farmacy. One is called Ultimate, the other is Gro-hair. She’s seen wonderful things from these supplements in her show dogs so I am extremely grateful for them.

In addition to these daily supplements, I am also doing Isle of Dogs Royal Jelly Spring Cleaning system. It is a weekly bath using Royal Jelly shampoo, Light Management Conditioner, and a coat strengthening spray. There is also a Royal Jelly supplement to be given with her food daily.

Over the upcoming weeks I will be posting photos after her bath as well as measuring the growth as a way to review my new Coat Management system. In the 1.5 weeks Bonzai has been taking the Nature’s Farmacy she’s gone from 3/4in to just over an inch.

I am uploading photos of Bonzai from early November, when I took her down with a 2cc and a photo taken a week later. Next post will have yesterday’s post groom pics!


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