Bonzai’s New Do: The Modern (rough draft)

12 Mar





Well, the time finally came when I became sick of bonzai only looking groomed for 15 mins after her weekly bath. I cut her topknot! No more ties, no more hair in her eyes, no more wacky floppy head. I decided to begin practicing for my first competition and chose the Modern as my style of choice.

We’re mid coat change and it’s hell. I gently teased out the stubborn mats from all over her body and began Scissoring. I relied heavily on what I had been taught by Pam Lauritzen in Texas, but had to wing it a lot as I had forgotten some of my angles.

My rough finish bears resemblance to the Modern I based it on, but there were many mistakes and plenty of hair that still needs to grow in. I got fantastic critiques from the pros on and I plan to finish Bonzai’s haircut before the 25th, her first birthday.

Hopefully with the addition of poodle leggings, ill be able to encourage some leg hair to grow!


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