Pink pinkies!

13 Mar


I haven’t posted a color dog in quite awhile, so here is an adorable full-coated yorkie that I groom every 6 weeks. I adore her and her brother, they are extremely good and since I shaved their coats once due to matting, they’ve grown back gorgeous, healthy coats that occasionally tangle but never mat .

So many groomers say that they can’t do advanced or more stylized work on their clients because  the dogs simply don’t have the coat for it. In some cases that is true, you can’t squeeze a Continental out of a floppy haired toy with 2 strands of hair due to thyroid. 

However, in the cases of MOST dogs, the quality of the coat depends largely on what you as a groomer are doing to it! The bath/blow out is the foundation of a good groom and when done properly you can take a client from “eh” to amazing. Sometimes it may take a few grooms to heal the damage from careless ripping with a brush and comb, but within two or three sessions, a beautiful coat should begin to develop!


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