Why you should tip your groomer…

11 May



One Response to “Why you should tip your groomer…”

  1. Serena February 20, 2013 at 1:49 am #

    I really feel for you. This has only happened to me once every few years, usually nervous big puppies. Once… it was full of worms and was in my hair, then when I picked up the dog I had to carry him like a sack of potatoes to not get his poop that was all over me onto him (somehow he was nearly poop free, it was just up the walls, across the floor, and up my person) so he gets scared and fountain pees all over me. I wasn’t sure if I should tell his owners or not, I did and delicately at that, they were really nice about it… but no tip and they never came back. Made me feel like… well, poop. 😛

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