Stage 4.5: paint and set up

24 Jul




Well, I learned several things about life last Monday/tuesday as Glenn and I began the painting process.

1. even under the most organized circumstances, painting is never an easy task.
2. Even with the best intentions, my plans are rarely organized.

3. Never paint a room with someone you love.
4. If the air conditioning doesn’t work, underscore #3 about a hundred times.
5. Don’t argue about primer. Paint with primer isn’t the same as doing a layer of primer. Get the darn primer!
6. When you stubbornly refuse to get primer you’ll find yourself unable to cover the bright blue former color with the delicate Vanilla Eggshell you planned on. So you’ll end up using the “accent color” everywhere and turning the room into a brown cave. Then you’ll want to cry but you’ll be too dehydrated from a day without air conditioning.

7. You’ll realize that a work station in front of a southeast-facing window isn’t the dream you thought. You’re blinded by the sun’s glare and the reflection thrown by the white dog you’re grooming as a practice run. Then when clouds cover the sun, you realize that the side of the dog that’s facing you is completely obscured by shadow.

8. It’ll take a whole week to see the humor in the situation, but when you do, you’ll shrug it off, laugh, and be relieved that you’re blessed with the opportunity to run into problems like these. It could be worse… You could be forced to pull thousands of ticks off an anemic old dog and finding them stuck on YOU later. It’s all about perspective, my friends!


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