Having a Blog Pays Off in BIG BIG Ways!

18 Sep

I’ve been blogging since I was 15 and dreadfully misunderstood. I planned to continue this blog on CanineDesignNM.com, yet here I am. I decided that keeping my Groomer’s Blog on my company website might be a tad distracting from my professional goals. So it’s back to FunkyPuppy I scamper!

On the subject of blogs… You’ll never believe how my semi-regular photo-blogging has paid off!

The day after I returned from Vegas, worn out and beat down, I received a call on my business line. From deep within the recesses of my broken-screened phone came a polite greeting followed by a name, followed by the words  “…from Good Day New Mexico.”

When I’m very excited or nervous or trying to be Very Customer Service, I tend to scream greetings at people. For no discernible reason I’ve decided that Polite Society is made up of deaf and dreary people who require HUGE grins and LOUD conversation.

So after nearly fainting, mouthimg “oh my GOD, babe!!” At Glenn and pointing to the phone frantically, then pacing in busy circles around his car, I managed to listen to the Voice at the other end.

Our local morning news show wants to do an upbeat Halloween segment on the hottest trend in pet care… Creative Grooming. The reporter I spoke with (too excited to get his name) searched for creative grooming in Abq and my photos and blog popped up first, second and third. Due to my frequency of posting, Google is literally saturated with my work. THANK YOU, WORDPRESS!!

So we set up an interview and shoot time at my brand new shop, Canine Design Pet Spa in Peralta, NM. They asked that I have 2 canine models ready and that I save the finish work on Bonz for the cameras.

It is now almost 4am. I’ve been grooming client dogs and coloring “model” dogs all day, then I had to decorate CanineDesign for Halloween. I’m getting next to no sleep tonight… But so worth it! After YEARS of trial by error, convincing bosses that my color program WOULD SELL, talking up the Color shamelessly to clients, and teaching plenty of other groomers what I’ve figured out thus far (not to mention helping to reinvent a local Shave Shack into a reputable salon)…

I have finally been RECOGNIZED! the time and effort and frustration of having to re-apply dye while 4 other dogs are waiting, with two more coming in… The copious note taking of Brand Name, Color Name, Client’s Breed, Coat Texture, Process Time…

at the perfect time,as I’m slowly but surely building clientele, all small-medium breeds, all the sweetest dogs you can imagine.

I turn down the 120lb Pyranees and Saint farm dogs with a polite smile. When pressed for a quote, I give my hourly rate x 5. They leave, grumbling. I smile and thank God for the ability to say NO.

I gotta get to bed.


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