Inspired By Korea's Joypia!

8 Dec

Photo Courtesy Mina Choi (Joypia)


Photo Courtesy Mina Choi (Joypia)

I am a Facebook Follower of Mina Choi (joypia), and I have to say… I have a huge Groomer Crush on her. Her gorgeous photos of doll-like Korean-style Grooming keep me inspired. As professionals, it is my belief that all of us should keep up to date with the latest trends, and if inspired by the work in Australia, Russia, Japan, and Korea… Why not bring these new and beautiful styles to our clients?


Today was my first attempt at a Mina Choi-inspired Korean Style. This little girl is a Shih Tzu, full coated, never been trimmed. Mom likes to scissor her face naked, so I couldn’t practice the signature face today. However, mom is also determined that I take her little girl to Vegas next year to compete with, so she’ll grow it out.


Finished Groom


Side angle to show rear assembly


I’m so happy with the results! Excuse my wonky bows, I was pressed for time at the end. We have a lot of growth repair to do on her topknot, ears, and tail, and weekly combing of the legs to maintain their puppy-fur beauty. Nothing kills coat appearance like excessive dematting. I’m so excited to have done a real Korean groom! There are LOTS of unique styles available for Schnauzers, Yorkies, Shih Tzus, Poodles, and Maltese. Don’t settle for the same old thing, let’s work together to make your pet FABULOUS!


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