Attempting the Tomboy’s Tied Up Topknot

19 Feb

Chanel is a weekly client that has never had a haircut.

Her mom LOVES the full coat. She also allows Chanel to enjoy the swimming pool, roll in mud, romp through shrubbery, roll and scrub her face obsessively on carpet, and attend group daycare (daily). For those of you who have never maintained a full-coated shih tzu… That list is pretty much certain DEATH for a healthy, unbroken coat. Add that to over a year of weekly grooming sessions where the wrong products are used, the dog is inappropriately dried (cage drying, sloppy force drying), and slicker brushes are torn through the coat…. And you have a floor-length coat with 4 inches of frizzy, broken ends.






Chanel does all she can to NOT look like a prissy show dog!

But after 4 weekly sessions of mild shampoo, hot oil/deep conditioning treatments, and gentle fluff drying with a pin brush we’ve seen massive improvement! in my opinion, we should trim 3 inches of split ends from the bottom but her mom would faint if i suggested it. oh well!


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