Chanel, you gorgeous prima donna!

16 Mar

her coat is looking much healthier!

during last week’s groom, i used a heavy Argan Oil mask in liu of the Natural Groomer Deep Conditioner i’ve been using. She soaked for about 10m, then rinsed in cool water for… well, a long time. this stuff does NOT rinse easily, which is why it’s a monthly treatment for dogs groomed weekly. the results once dry were a bit… heavy looking, but not as bad as putting a dog in oil. So this week we used Nat. Groomer’s super concentrated shampoo with mild whiteners, then applied the usual NG Silky Conditioner (pink label, cant remember name. i only like it for drop-coated dogs). Then, of course, my secret weapons, Show Sheen, Pin Brush, new Ashley Craig comb, and the LP mat zapper at the worst spots


Worst mat behind ear

the results were terrific. i will say that she WAS more matted than usual this time, whether that’s from the product residuals or the daily swimming pool sessions is anyone’s guess.


she let me do a pretty topknot for once!


Weekly Weird Face


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