Short & Sweet: Pekingnese

10 Jun



I adore these sweet little girls! The challenge with Summer Shavedowns in Las Vegas, NV is figuring out a way to bring some style to the shavedown. There’s obviously not a whole to work with when the client requests that you “make ’em naked”.

To be honest, shave downs are a bit of a weakness for me. I specialize in Fluffy and Fabulous and i attract the clientele that is looking for that kind of style. However, this is Vegas, and as i always say: Humanity Before Vanity!

A shavedown should be neat and tidy. No Secret Armpit Hairs, no transluscent tummy hairs, very tidy feet, and a BLENDED HEAD. I like to blend with my Wahl combs in reverse, usually a 1 or 0 depending on the length and density of the coat on the head. If it is a flat coated breed, i usually use a 2 or 4 Wahl comb WITH the grain of the coat on the head. The worst thing you can do is take the top of the head too short and end up with a crazy hair mask on the face.


One Response to “Short & Sweet: Pekingnese”

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