UPDATE: Superzoo 2013!!!

31 Jul

Here are just a handful of Superzoo photos… I’m still trying to organize everything as well as replace old photos with new watermarked versions.

Superzoo was INCREDIBLE. I put Bonzai into an HCC (Historically-Correct Continental) pattern last month, then I spiced it up with pink and teal leopard print on the areas where she is short. I’m currently trying to grow her ears back from Bedlington tassles, so getting the leopard pattern on the ear hair was a challenge. But the results were INCREDIBLE! Seriously, my favorite style so far. And you know what amazed me even more? THE OUTRAGEOUS POSITIVE RESPONSE we got at Superzoo!

Leopard print has been Summer’s hottest style on… everyone seemed to be doing it. So I really didn’t think that Bonz would be anything special at Superzoo, especially next to the fully decked-out dogs from the Creative competition. Boy, was I wrong! We couldn’t go 3 steps without stopping for photos. It was extremely exciting to receive so many nice comments and questions and to have Bonzai be such a popular little model! It really lifted my spirits and made me excited about grooming again. I’ve been feeling more than a little burned out lately, as it seems more and more apparent that Mobile is the *only* way to go if you’re trying to make a living in this industry. It’s amazing how quickly passion can burn out when you’re just squeaking by. More on that later, I have so many exciting things to post!

I have missed this blog and have definitely been looking for some ways to liven it up with articles and entries again (instead of just my lazy photos!). Check back soon for some Product Review articles!! Yep, I got some AWESOME product samples from some equally AWESOME vendors and i can’t WAIT to share them with you!


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