New Projects, Focus, Passion, and WELCOME NEWBIES!!!

12 Oct

i have so many side projects in the works! Coming Soon: more Bow Wow Bling demo videos (and higher quality ones too!), AN FP STORE for GROOMERS with USEFUL and FUNKY merchandise (designed by yours truly!), and a whole new section of articles dedicated to upcoming big changes in the grooming industry (and how they affect you, the groomer, as well as your employer).

This blog will be undergoing some design changes (you may have noticed) and you may notice my focus shifting a tad from Client Education to Groomer Education. Some how-to’s, like keeping Creative grooming FUN and TASTEFUL and most importantly, EFFICIENT and profitable for your clients.

i want to also address groomer-to-groomer relationships, and the importance of networking and seeking out our peers (and not to run them off the road!!).

I want to give back to our industry however i can, because at the end of the day, the only people who appreciate groomers are groomers. our clients (bless them) will always try to bargain our prices which can make us feel pretty devalued. our employers (non-grooming kind) may never understand what this skill entails or why that Once A Year Pyranees is worth the price of a dozen shih tzus. and our families may envy us our freedom to “play with puppies all day”.

but we, the groomers, care about each other. we need to reach out more, TEACH the newbies, open our minds to sharing lunch with the competition and NOT as a spy mission!!

this is how my passion will survive in such a unique, consuming industry: giving back to you guys and learning more about you.

Featured Groomer ARTICLES ARE COMING!! Want to be featured? No awards, certificates, or over the top achievements necessary: just love your work and tell me your greatest strength.

ALSO: WELCOME NEW READERS!!!! Thank you to everyone who has been sharing my Tipping and Matted Pet articles on Reddit and Facebook!!! THANKS TO YOU my blog hit almost 9000 hits PER DAY for a week running! today 300+ of you are visiting every day, and i LOVE YA for coming back!


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