Been a long time, friends, and I need an ear

21 Jan

Let’s skip all of the niceties of easing back into writing again. I cant promise for a second that I’ll be regular at this once more. Rather, I seem to be starting yet another journey.

Remember when I began this blog and it was the journey of a corporate groomer gone rogue?

Now it is the story of a decently seasoned groomer who feels she is being served to the world rather rare and over-pounded.

You see, I have a second child now. I am in Vegas. I took ownership of a business rather than be demoted to Illegal Contractor (or fired) and I somehow managed to take care of myself, an employee, and my parents.

Barely. Squeaking by, but i did it. Ish.

But now my parents (my mom answered phones, scheduled appointments, and did lapsed client cold calls. She also paid all bills and kept us legal with permits and crap. my dad cleaned the shop and occasionally bathed) are moving away. My assistant, who I adored more than I can say (but couldnt afford to pay more than part time), gave notice. Next Thursday, with my assistant gone and my mom driving my their future home, I am flying SOLO.

Now, a lot has changed. I like having an assistant to bathe, dry, trim nails and do the bath dogs and the hard-to-handle dogs that slow me down.

Now i have to go it alone.

It’s back to PetSmart schedule for me. 3 dogs every 2 hours. I’d prefer to have them all arrive between 9-12 but i dont think i can get 9 dogs done by myself every day by 3. I dont use cage dryers. Dont believe in em. I want every dog force fluffed til it looks like a child rubbed a helium balloon all over it’s head.

I also have to do all the cleaning now. I HATE cleaning. It’s a huge part of running a successful shop, but if I had it my way, my job would be grooming, inventing adorably-themed monthly specials, creating cavity-inducing bandana/bow combinations, and providint excellent customer service to every client.

I dont wanna pay bills. I dont wanna file taxes. I dont wanna clean and sanitize  the shop with vinegar and go home smelling like a delicious sandwich dill. I just wanna order toys, create drawings, upload photos to facebook and instagram, build the BRAND… you know, the FUN part of owning a business.

Isnt there someone I can hire to clean shop, set appointments, and do admin??


5 Responses to “Been a long time, friends, and I need an ear”

  1. Just hire a bather.
    That is all.
    Pick up ‘From problems to Profits.’

    And you could do a review of the newest Dematter on the market. No Silicones! Natural plant extract gives the SLIP to Dematt.
    I’ll mail you one for free-just email me back your addy.

  2. Nadya January 22, 2016 at 12:25 am #

    Oh, Funky…I feel your predicament. You are brave and strong woman to deal with all this, I am sure something or someone will come along. You worked so hard to build your salon/brand/clientele it would be a shame if you quit. So, take a deep breath, grit your teeth, smile and keep going. Sorry, can’t help other than with words of encouragement. Stay strong, girl!
    (by the way, how old is your oldest baby – old enough to help with cleaning?)

    • charitynicole January 22, 2016 at 12:59 am #

      Lol he LOVES to help vacuum. He’s 7 now!

      • Sandy January 22, 2016 at 10:08 pm #

        what about high school or collage students? That’s who we hired when we owned Tanning salons.

  3. Jessica January 24, 2016 at 2:50 pm #

    Sorry Funky that this is all happening! But this in the end will make you so much stonger, that when you look back you’ll see you had nothing to worry about! So just take one day at a time! That’s what I do! Somedays I really miss the comfort of working at PetSmart, but I don’t miss the drama and being told how and what I should do. Hope you’ll post more about your new journey as a successful business women 🙂

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