There ain’t no Karma Fairy

28 Jan

Well, today was my assistant’s last day. I made sure to busy myself giving Bonzai a haircut as we said goodbye so I wouldn’t cry.

My dad left on Monday, I cried then too.

I’m thinking a lot about my shop and the future of it. I have someone lined up for interview and I have NOTHING but great feelings about her… but I just don’t know if I can afford her. I know that I want an assistant, because I simply cant do it all, never take an extra day off, etc. But at the same time, I know I need to man up and work alone if I have under 8 dogs a day.

Eff. There is SO MUCH involved in being a business owner, especially a SMALL business owner. I really wonder how any employer can afford to pay 50%, PLUS taxes, PLUS worker’s comp and Unemployment AND THEN all the overhead of rent, utilities, and product and still make a profit. In addition to those obvious fees, there are the hidden fees: like when clients pay with a credit card, I pay 2.75% per swipe, and they take the 2.75% from the PRICE+TAX+TIP. So if I charge $45 for a groom and the owner tips $5, they take 2.75% from $50. Of course, I give that entire $5 tip to my employee, but I really i collect $4.50. It might not sound like much,  but it friggin adds up.
LESSON NUMBER 352 OF GROOMING SALON OWNERSHIP: You pay money for tips that go to your employee. Then, of course, i pay taxes on the tips+salary when i do payroll. I finally understand why PetSmart didnt take card tips!

In addition to the 2.75% per swipe, I pay 11% of my total daily card sales to pay back the Square Capital loan I received last summer. Which was REALLY rough during the last months of 2015, til I got the genius idea to post a sign that says: “We ♡ when you pay with CASH! We will ALWAYS accept all major cards, but paying cash saves us from stinky processing fees!”

Since then, we went from 15% of clients paying cash to 50% of clients paying cash. It has made a huge difference in our bank account.

I laugh now when I’m on the FB Grooming groups and groomers post about how hard their jobs are and others respond with “OMG just OPEN YOUR OWN SHOP!!”

Like it’s just that easy. Like there’s this Karma Fairy that adds up all the “wrongs” that have been dealt you as an employee and translates them to sweet, sweet cash.

There ain’t no Karma Fairy.

Sorry, I hit publish before I was done.

Okay, so these are some of the things I have learned. Here’s something else:

That’s a link that explains how much an employee actually costs you, as a business owner.

Im pretty much convinced that the 50% compensation method is impossible. I know people do it, but I dont have any idea how.

That’s all, I’m done now.


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