Business Goals for 2016

30 Jan

Three weeks ago I sat down and wrote out my goals (business and career) for 2016. Filled with pride, I shared these goals with my family, and they sat in rapt wonder before bursting into applause, wiping tears from their eyes, and tossing me onto their shoulders amid a chorus of “For she’s a jolly good fellow!”.

Well, sort of. In real life, they were appropriately interested, gave some suggestions, and then I lost the paper filled with earnest goals.

BUT what I remembered from my list was to upgrade my random daily photos of completed grooms by creating a Photo Corner, with monthly themed backgrounds. Each monthly photo theme would tie in with that month’s themed Upgrade package (tooth brushing, specifically-scented shampoo and conditioner, fragrance) and the complementary bows and bandanas I include with every groom.

I’ve always loved doing special things around the fall and winter holidays, specifically, special shampoos and scents and photo upgrade packages. Now I want to do this every month. My shop is So Fetch! Salon, we are a small and intimate specialty salon that takes limited numbers of clients per day. This means we can offer additional services (skin and coat treatments, Individual Spa Sessions [pet owners have the option to stay and watch] and of course, creative grooming). My prices are a little bit higher than any other shop in the area, but we also are offering a complete Spa Experience.

But that’s the professional, brochure-style jargon. In truth? I do all of this stuff because I friggin’ LOVE all things adorable, specialty, and over the top.

And now I will share February’s theme and specialty upgrade.


Our specialty Upgrade package


Our photo area!


Isnt it fun?? I’m having a blast!


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