The Satisfaction of Hard Work

31 Jan


Today was the perfect Saturday! I interviewed and hired a new assistant (^ that’s her dog up there!) And we had my FAVORITE busy day. The day when the Chihuahua pack visit!


2 get haircuts, two are just baths, all are easy as pie with an AWESOME owner who is an incredible tipper and just makes me feel so appreciated! I always look forward to the day these dogs come, cause they are my Good Luck charms. Every time they come, we have an awesome, busy-but-easy day that is super profitable.

I have to admit, after almost a week of biking to work at 8:40am, answering all phones/setting appointments, doing all laundry, and all cleaning… I have reignited my passion for my shop. I am taking pride in all aspects of my business again, from the customer service and grooming itself (that never changes) to having a gorgeous, fully-stocked with towels, shiny, sweet-smelling shop every single day.

Just days ago, in the midst of my angst I felt inspired to post on this long-defunct blog, if only to have a place to vent. I was feeling burnt out, underpaid, overwhelmed, and just so “daily grind”. I was literally telling myself “just grit your teeth and survive the next 4 years of your lease”.

Today? I feel inspired, I feel excited, i feel proud of my little shop and the hard work i put into it. I have to underscore my pride I feel in my beautiful little shop and the love I feel for my customers, human and canine alike.

Guys, I feel like I can do this. Maybe this can be done, running this shop solo. Making money, covering my pups with gems and glitter and bandanas and bows, taking adorable themed photos, just making every groom a “spa experience” and going the full 9 yards.

I’m excited. I’m proud. I love what I do, I really do, and eventually I hope to feel confident in the admin portion of being a business owner (the licenses, the taxes, the fees, the finances, the miscellaneous irritations that pop up like a zit on prom night).

I’m 30 now. I have awesome Yelp and Facebook reviews, I have two incredible, gorgeous children, a supportive, committed boyfriend, and two parents that have never waivered in their love and support for us.

I am blessed and all I can do is stay humble, keep working hard, and pray that tomorrow is as wonderful as today.


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