“Why does my dog’s appointment take so long?”

17 Mar

I just had a customer show up 1 1/2 hours before he said he was going to and call me a liar because his two full coated shih tzus weren’t ready yet. So i’m a bit raw from that. Without further ado, here are some reasons why your dog’s appointment might take longer than expected.

* Your appointment is the last one on a busy day. When you schedule in the last available slot, you have to hope that none of the below circumstances happen with the 12 clients before you. Your best bet is to always choose the earliest appointment and show up a few minutes early so yours is the first dog in.

* Yours or Another dog (or two, or three) is a Nervous Pee-er, or has an undiagnosed UTI. Why does this matter? Cause if a dog decides to pee all over themselves once they’ve been bathed, they must be rebathed and dried. If they’ve already been GROOMED, they’ll need to be rebathed, dried, and possible re groomed, as their hair will lay in a slightly different way now and may require reshaping. If this dog is small and was in a top kennel, their urine may drip down onto the dog below them, meaning BOTH will require a rebathe and dry. The kennel bottom will also need to be removed, washed, sterilized and dried.

* Yours or another dog (or two or three) had a Big Guilt Breakfast and now cant stop pooping. All of the above points apply, except while a small pee can be rinsed off of feet and redried in 15 minutes, a fountain of diarrhea requires a new complete bath, the entire kennel sterilized, and a blow dry.

* Yours or another dog (or two or three)is afraid of the dryer. Why does this matter? A proper groom requires a properly dried dog. If a dog is so stressed out by the blow dryer that the most humane thing to do is to use a kennel dryer, the drying time will be doubled or quadrupled, depending on their amount of coat. The groom will also take longer, as a crinkly, curly coat will take forever to get smooth and look even.

* Yours or another dog (or two or three) is matted and MUST BE BRUSHED OUT. Now, any professional groomer knows when a coat is too far gone to humanely save. But if your stylist has 5 shih tzus with tangled ears and tails ahead of your dog, that’s an additional 15 minutes PER DOG, which means being 2 hours and 15 minutes behind in their day by the time they get to your dog.

* The groomer left a Voicemail and you didn’t receive it. Let’s face it, most of us are terrible at checking our voicemail. In this world of text messaging, fewer and fewer people check their voicemail. After all, if it were that important, they would text, right? Except when we are calling from a landline. I would estimate at least 3-5 clients PER DAY call me to to say “I missed a call 45 minutes ago, is my dog ready yet??? It’s been over 3 hours!”
They never check their voicemail. They rarely consider the time the voicemail was left (which is why I usually conclude my voicemails with “the time is now 12:01”). All they consider is the time they arrive to pick up. And suddenly, it’s “that groomer had my dog from 9am til 2:05pm!”. Actually, we left a message at 12:01, when your dog was ready for pick up. Just because you didt check your phone til almost 1 and didnt pick up your pet til after 2 doesn’t mean we were cruelly holding your pet ransom. We tried to call. You missed our call. If we have time, we’ll try to call again, otherwise we’ll just assume youre too busy to pick up.

I have more but i have this clinging to me and crying.



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