“Surprise me!”: Pink Polka Dots for Sissy!

10 Sep




I’ve had a busy week! One color dog a day for the last three days, on top of being super booked! I had 8 dogs today, including Sissy.

Now, Sissy’s one of those dogs whose owners I like more than the dog. This isn’t a bad thing, just that Sissy is a little ragamuffin of a thing, despite being groomed often, and is a total brat for her legs and feet. She bites, screams, and makes sure the world knows how mistreated she is. Her mom is the NICEST lady though, and she knows what a brat her dog is. She’s also a very cool person about grooming, and today she basically handed Sissy to me and said “Surprise me!” When I asked when I was gonna get to do color on her.

Well, I did a bichon in a retro lamb/town and country with pink legs yesterday, but I knew Sissy would pitch a fit over that much leg handling. So… polka dots it is! I chose a random pattern and used varying shades of pink (you can’t tell), then sneaked some dye on two of her feet.

Her mom just about died, she was tickled as pink as Sissy’s spots!


One Response to ““Surprise me!”: Pink Polka Dots for Sissy!”

  1. jeanette.valdez@yahoo.com March 18, 2014 at 12:50 pm #

    did you use an airbrush, or what did you do? because i have a dog and want to dye her, but i dont know what to use..please respond back.

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